What is Minecraft-Free.com?

Minecraft-Free.com is the best website you can get free Minecraft Premium accounts.
All you have to do is click "Get Accounts Now" button.


How to get Minecraft Premium Account?

### I-)Where can I found login token?

Click "Get Accounts Now" button. If you cannot click this button, you can type "www.minecraft-free.com/accounts.php" in search bar.
Than use Minecraft-Free.exe with login token.
If you don't have original Minecraft launcher like "Team Extreme", patcher does not work.
If you have not downloaded the original Minecraft launcher, the download links are here : -Click to See Downlaod Links!-

### II-)What is Patcher?

Patcher is an application built to use the minecraft token. The name of the application is Minecraft-Free.

### III-)How to use Patcher?

First: Open the Minecraft-Free.exe.
Second: Copy the login token.
Third: Paste it into the text box.
Fourth: Press the apply button.
Last: Login to Minecraft and get fun!


Why we give Minecraft Premium Accounts for free?

We had similar problems to get Minecraft Premium accounts for free.
That's why we help you get Minecraft accounts easily. It is a pleasure for us if you like this website.


Where can I buy original Minecraft Premium Accounts?

You can buy the original Minecraft Premium accounts in "minecraft.net". You have to pay 25 € for an one account.
If you say "these accounts are very expensive", some websites sell these accounts cheaply (about 1 -> 10 € per account).
However, we do not trust these sites, so we do not share links to such websites.